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Shipping Your Instrument To Us

We repair instruments from all over the world. For domestic (US) and Canadian customers, please use UPS or FedEx. Please do not use the U.S. Mail. Though it is slightly less expensive, they don't track the packages well or treat them with as much care as we'd like for your instrument.

Although UPS stores or "Box Shops" are easy to find, try to locate a main customer center (the building where all the trucks come and go). You will save significantly in the cost of shipping and insurance (almost half).

Please phone (513-579-8294) or email us (info@fluteworks.com) with the tracking number. We keep close tabs on these instruments!

The Cincinati Fluteworks shipping address is:

Cincinnati Fluteworks
621 Clemmer Ave. Suite 9
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Insuring Your Flute In Transit

Be sure your instrument is insured. You may save more by phoning your insurance company to find out if your instrument is covered during transit. If it is, please notify us in writing that you don't need insurance through UPS or FedEx for your instrument's return trip home. If your insurance company doesn't cover it in transit, purchase insurance through UPS or FedEx. If you aren't sure how much to insure it for, contact us and we will be able to tell you.

Packing Your Flute For the Trip

When packing an instrument for shippping, utmost care should be taken to prevent jostling during transit. First, check to see if the case fits the instrument snugly by gently rolling upside down the closed case. If you detect any movement, pack soft paper towels or tissue paper around the flute just enough so that you don't hear any movement. Second, make sure that the case latches securely. If not, bind the case with rubber bands. Finally select a box large enough to allow three inches of packing on all sides of the instrument. Pack the box solidly with newspaper or other packing material. It is a good idea to enclose your own address and phone numbers on a card inside the box. Seal tightly, and label with both your address and the CFW address. Make sure the address labels are firmly attached and covered with clear tape to prevent smudging.


Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions.

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